About us 

Association for Regional Cooperation SWR is a non-government organization with an aim of running and supporting regional cooperation in Europe in scope of local development, social integration and scientific exchange. The Association was founded in August 2002 on the initiative of a group of specialists dealing with carrying out various social projects, local cultural initiatives and scientific enterprises.

Our team has a long-term experience in preparing conceptions of the new projects, creating consortiums and project partnerships consisting of domestic and international  institutions and organizations  and effective acquiring of means for specific enterprises. Our aim is a professional support of local development through pro-social activities and an expert aid in processing ideas into specific enterprises and managing them as individual projects.

One of the main areas of our activity is supporting of the III sector taking into special account social economy entities. On the basis of our long-term experience in elaborating a model of supporting social economy (so called Virtual Incubator of Social Economy) we are currently running a number of activities supporting development of enterprise including social enterprise.

We support creating and activity of non-government organizations , processes of expanding their activities in commercial enterprises making it possible to gain more independence from the means having their sources in grants. We also serve our services in favor of social cooperatives and groups of people who want to create them. For this purpose each time we create local intersection network of support making friendlier environment for an emerging entity

We cooperate tightly with non-government organizations and other institutions operating on the not-for-profit basis.   We are a member of the Constant Conference of Social Economy grouping the most important entities carrying out activities in favor of creating conditions supporting the development of the social economy sector in Poland.  Together with our foreign partners we participate in activities of the ENISE network – European Network of Incubators of Social Economy. 

We are the creators of the non-government internet television (WWW.3sektor.tv) which presents a lot of interesting initiatives  carried out by NGO in Poland. 

We cooperate with and support other non-government organizations operating within the territory of  the South of Poland. Having a team of highly qualified project managers at our disposal we carry out training and counseling for the others in scope of project management, project evaluation and monitoring,  building partnerships and project consortiums including international ones.

 As a training institution registered by the District Employment Office in Katowice we offer training services directed to various groups of recipients.  One of the big tasks in this scope is carrying out trainings for the unemployed with a guarantee of employment. These trainings are given on the requirement of the regional employment offices.

As one of few we specialize in preparing and financial managing of science and research projects financed from the EU Framework Programs and the EU Structural Funds Among the academic institutions cooperating with us for years are Oncology Centre – Institute, Gliwice branch, Centre of Polymer and Carbon Materials of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Zabrze/Gliwice, Medical University of Silesia in Katowice or  Foundation of Cardiac Surgery Development in Zabrze.

We are open for cooperation both with non-government organizations and public entities carrying out tasks in the scope of social policy. We cordially welcome you to cooperate with us.